Gorgeous Staircase Transformation

We recently completed a remodel, part of which included updating the main staircase of our clients’ home.

This update included new oak treads and risers, new carpet runner, wrought iron spindles and paint.  The change in this home is so dramatic that it seems difficult to believe that it is actually the same house we originally walked into.

How do I Modify a Staircase and Add a Landing?

I just looked at a townhouse I would like to buy but…. the stairs are horrible to the second floor straight up and need to be redone. I think it’s worth the investment but have no idea where to start, who to call, or what that calls. Right now its just wood slats that I think are an accident waiting to happen. I want a real staircase with a resting somewhere in mid-flight as I have an older mother who needs to rest somewhere in between. Can that even be done?

Summer Project, Part 3

A Summer Bathroom & Closet Remodel, Part 3
Framing and Rough In Has Begun in This Lee's Summit Home

Our clients Dan and Christine, wanted a new look for their Master Bath and closet. Follow along with our progress!

Framing has begun! We are relocating both the entry to the bath and the entry to the closet to accommodate space for the new location of the shower, stool room, and vanity area.