Update: Shelter In Place in Kansas City March 23, 2020

Letter from co-owners Charlie Schloegel and Chris Peterson

Based on local government mandates we're making changes as to how we will conduct business moving forward.

Effective Monday, March, 23rd 2020 we've made the difficult decision to close the office and temporarily cease job site operations in an effort to comply with the Shelter in Place mandate and maintain social distancing.  We are NOT ceasing business operations.  Based on the information shared at yesterday's 1:00 pm press conference inclusive of multiple municipal leaders we will comply in an attempt to reduce the strain on other essential services.

Per the Shelter in Place proclamation, "construction of housing" is considered "Essential Infrastructure".  We do believe the functionality of homes is an Essential Business during this mandate.  Our decision was made in an effort to protect our team and our clients even though we do feel we could operate outside the mandate if and when necessary.  Ethically, morally and legally we cannot force anyone to work.  Given the reaction by our team members, our trade partner and supplier team members to the Shelter in Place mandate we are scrambling to staff job sites.  Schloegel Design Remodel has elected to temporarily cease working on all job sites for the week of March 23rd, 2020.  We will assess our physical presence working on job sites on a week by week basis from this day forward.  This means you can expect daily/weekly communications from management and your project teams as new information becomes available.

Again, please remember that our product is highly dependent on the physical presence of our team, trade partners and suppliers being on, or delivering to, job sites.  As I'd mentioned in the previous emails we've sent regarding COVID-19, regarding supply chain interruption, we are finally seeing the supply of labor affecting our projects.  Please keep in mind and understand that a right and just fear is driving a human beings decision to comply with the Shelter in Place mandate.

Please understand that this was not an easy decision and please know we've grappled with what is "Essential Infrastructure" and what is not.  This decision has been made out of an incredible amount of caution for our teammates and you, our clients.

Our company mission, founded in 40 years of successful remodeling operations, is to provide the Ultimate Client Experience.  We've provided this experience into our 40th anniversary year of 2020 by providing excellence in execution to the highest industry standards of quality and communication.  We intend to continue operations when the mandate is lifted and come out of this stronger.

Chris and I are continuing to compensate our team during this period of time for which we'll suspend job site operations to keep our team intact.  We are a fiscally responsible company that has propelled us to 40 years of successful professional remodeling.  We will continue to maintain ethics and responsibility in the handling of the companies finances through this pandemic.

We realize this could be a major inconvenience for some of our clients, if not all.  That being said, if you feel that there is a facet of your project that is necessary to your living in your home during this Shelter in Place mandate, please reach out to Chris and I and we will attempt to engage a portion of our staff to get your essential services taken care of.

In the interest of your safety and health and that safety and the health of our team we are taking this measure to assess job sites this week, monitor the situation and determine the next steps.  You can expect to hear from your project teams and ownership as the situation develops.

This email is so difficult to compose and makes me fearful of our clients reaction to what is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, decision Chris and I have ever had to make.


Charlie and Chris