Just Ask Jake: Can You Paint Over Existing Tile?

A Bathroom Remodel Question Schloegel Designer, Megan Bringman, AKBD Designer Megan Bringman Answers Whether Painting Over Existing Bathroom Tile is a Good Idea Dear Jake, Is painting bathroom tile a good solution for tile that is in good condition but not a desirable color? Patty Dear Patty, I have asked Megan Bringman, one of our award-winning on-staff designers, to answer your question.

Just Ask Jake: Preparing For a Remodel

How To Avoid Certain Surprises in a Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Jake Offers Tips For Home Remodeling
Dear Jake,

I am thinking about remodeling my kitchen and possibly my bath. What is the biggest "surprise" that customers experience when doing a kitchen remodel and how do I avoid them?


Dear B.,

Remodeling your kitchen or bath can sometimes be a big endeavor.

Just Ask Jake: Damp Basement Floor Woes

Cold, Damp Basement Floor Has This Homeowner Perplexed

Jake Answers How To Deal With Concrete Slab Basement
Dear Jake,

What is the best flooring for a cold, damp basement? There is existing carpet over a concrete slab. Any advice is appreciated.



Dear Homeowner,

If I had a cold, damp basement I may be hesitant to spend very much money trying to make it livable.

Just Ask Jake: A Question About Water Stains

Are Water Spots on Kitchen Ceiling a Sign of a Leaky Toilet?
Our Handyman Charlie Answers Some Tough Questions in This Special Just Ask Jake
Recently our General Manager of Schloegel Property Solutions and all-around Handyman Extraordinaire, Charlie Schloegel, answered some questions regarding water stains from a possible leaky toilet in this very special installment of "Just Ask Jake".

Hi Charlie!

I wanted to touch base on a home repair question.

Just Ask Jake

Electricity Bill Nightmare
Four Season Room Creates Huge Winter Electric Bill for This Homeowner

Hi Jake...I have a four season room that is elevated off my kitchen. I have an LG system that acts as an air conditioner and heater. It does a nice job with both but my electricity  bills are outrageous.

How can I keep earwig bugs out of my basement drain?


Basement drains... So recently I fixed the humidity problem in my basement by getting a dehumidifier. I ran a hose from the dehumidifier to the drain. How can I still allow the drain to function but yet keep the earwigs and centipedes from crawling out of the drain? I thought taping a screen over the drain would work but the coating on the floor doesn't allow me to adhere the screen to the floor.

Baseboard burden


I have a living room that has two walls that are painted over plaster, and two walls that are wood paneling. I want to take up the carpet and put down laminate. Then I will need to add baseboard around the edge. Do I paint the baseboard to match the painted walls or stain it to match the paneling?

– Leta


I think the base should all be the same color.