Green Remodeling and VOCs

Considering remodeling your home for a more up-to-date look, while also becoming more environmentally friendly? Schloegel Design Remodel can help you achieve the look you want with sustainable, non-toxic materials that are not only beautiful, but also healthier for your family and the earth.

Green Building Materials For Any Design Aesthetic

If you are considering renovating your home, you probably have some pretty strong ideas in mind. Whether your ideal home is traditional, contemporary, or a combination of old and new elements, Schloegel Design Remodel in Kansas City can help you achieve the look you want.

The Living Fence by Donna

On a gardening tour one year I was inspired by the concept of “the living fence”. This
fence is created using rebar panels that are hung between dividing posts in sections and
trimmed out in cedar to integrate with the remainder of fence. Many vines and flowering
plants love the ability to attach and ultimately will cover the fence without damage
to wood panels.

Schloegel Handyman and Small Step Energy Solutions Partner to Lower Your Energy Costs

Do you live in Missouri? Did you know that Missouri Gas Energy (MGE) and KCP&L offer rebates of up to $1200 if you add at least one efficiency improvement - such as air sealing, insulation or certain windows - to your home?

MGE and KCP&L participate in a national program that provides homeowners with attractive savings and a healthier, more comfortable home.

Table transformation

Family history will be preserved in this kitchen makeover. Sally and Don raised their children around this maple butcher block table.

We have planned a new kitchen island that will utilize this modified and renewed table as the new island counter.

Not only are we restoring a piece of family history, but we're also recycling lumber.

Green Ideas For The Kiddies!

As adults, we understand all too well the importance of being Eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. Green living is a part of who we are and we are proud of it. In our many efforts to lead green lives we forget to actually teach our children the reasons behind our green methods and the importance of saving the earth.