Stunning Outdoor Living Space in De Soto

Go ahead and put this outdoor space on your Holiday wish list!

For the last few months, the Schloegel crew has been working tirelessly on this family outdoor patio and kitchen and we are so proud to share the results. In this project, you'll see a standard patio on a large plot of land in De Soto turn into an outdoor dream space for cooking, entertaining and relaxing.

Prairie Village Kitchen Remodel – Week-By-Week – Week 5

This post is part of an ongoing project. Check out what happened last week right here!

This week, Sam and the Schloegel team began finishing flooring, began work on finishing the new half bathroom, and began painting.

The team began by sanding down the new and previously existing hardwood floors, giving them a nice, consistent grain and texture across the entire floor.

Home (Improvement) for the Holidays

Most of us work best under a deadline, and most of us have a room or project around the house that could use and update, repair or improvement.  Why not combine the two and set “the holidays” as your deadline to get all of your projects completed?  Then call Schloegel home remodeling and handyman services to get the job done.