John Molner

John may have a Masters degree in Finance but he’s found he’d rather use his hands to create things than sit behind a desk. During college John owned an exterior and interior painting company. John also has been restoring antique furniture for almost 10 years. He joined the remodeling business over three years ago and finds the key to success lies in clear communication with clients.

"I try to communicate with the client as much as I can to keep them informed on what is going on. There are so many moving parts during a remodel that if I can keep the customer informed on what is happening, I can earn their trust and make the experience less stressful."

He once worked on a job with two larger men who were smashing up a bathroom during demo. As they took the vanity light out a tiny dead mouse fell out. Both men screamed, ran out of the bathroom, and refused to step foot back in until John had cleaned it up.

John loves spending time with his baby girl Marian, wife Jessica and their dog Ted. When weather allows you may find John driving his vintage Ural motorcycle and Jessica riding in the sidecar.