Debby Allmon on Insulating a Garage

Our very own, Debby Allmon, was featured in the Kansas City Star's Handyman section talking about Insulating a Garage. See what she had to say about it. Here's the reader's question:

I am interested in how to better insulate my garage so that my master bathroom and closet above the garage can be warmer.

How should I install radiant heat in a room on a slab?

Jake -

I have an un-insulated slab on grade home with high ceilings. I am installing hydronic radiant heat. I plan to lay down 2" XPS then the grid of 1/2" PEX stapled to that then pour a thin slab on that. Questions I have are: 1. Should I glue the XPS down or let it float? 2. How thick should I pour the concrete over the XPS? Thanks!



I would glue down the XPS with glue that is suitable with the materials you are using.

Shawnee couple’s kitchen gets a makeover with unique storage solutions!

We are in the middle of a wonderful remodel of a Shawnee couple’s kitchen, back hallway, laundry closet and powder room. This project has been a lot of fun. We are customizing the kitchen with storage cabinetry for small appliances (mixer, toaster, blender, etc.