Historical Hyde Park Renovation Kitchen Beautification

We have completed the duplex project about which we previously blogged.  This is a beautiful building but, as you know, needed some help to bring it back to its original grandeur.  We will be posting some before and after pictures of various parts of this house to illustrate the changes that have taken place.

Shawnee couple’s kitchen gets a makeover with unique storage solutions!

We are in the middle of a wonderful remodel of a Shawnee couple’s kitchen, back hallway, laundry closet and powder room. This project has been a lot of fun. We are customizing the kitchen with storage cabinetry for small appliances (mixer, toaster, blender, etc.

Historical Hyde Park Renovation Bathroom!

Gayle Jagoda had a wonderful time restoring this beautiful duplex in historical Hyde Park.  She has a passion for working towards restoring older properties back to their original splendor and style—whether they are a classic 1920’s duplex or a vintage 1960’s contemporary!

These before pictures show the main bathrooms in this duplex.

Historic Hyde Park Renovation – We’re Finished!

Here are some final pictures of the duplex remodel—we have not shown the finished kitchen on the second floor before.

We thought it would be fun to look at both kitchens side-by-side.  Both before pictures illustrate the strong need to remodel those kitchens.

1960’s Home Remodeled to Enhance and Update its Original Personality

We recently completed a remodeling project in which we updated an entire home that was built in 1964.  This home had never been modernized since it was built, so it had a great personality reflective of the early 60’s.  Our goal was not to change the personality of the home, but to enhance its individuality through updating and enhancing.

Our 1960’s Remodel Continued – Master Bath Makeover

We are continuing our tour of the 1964 contemporary home that we introduced to you last week.

To help you understand how the master bathroom was restructured, I have included some before and after floor plans of this space.  The original bathroom was cramped with a double vanity, toilet and tub, all lined up in a row.

Our 1960’s Remodel Continued – Hall Bath Overhaul

As we make our way from the master bathroom to the kitchen, we have one more stop on the remodeling tour of our 1964 home update.

The hall bathroom was updated to reflect a combination of classic and retro styles.  This was achieved, first, by the use of Carrera marble on the walls and floor.