Your Questions Answered – Should I Add on to My Home?

Many homeowners love their home and don’t want to leave it, even though they are in need of more space. They are ready for modern conveniences such as a master suite or gourmet kitchen in their older homes. This begs the question, “Should I add on to my home?”

Megan, a Schloegel Design Remodel’s Designer discusses how making the decision to add on to your home can be tough, as expanding your home’s existing footprint is costly.

Historical Hyde Park Project Before

We are really excited to be starting a project in historical Hyde Park.  This wonderful duplex was built in 1921, and still posses many of the beautiful, unique qualities found in buildings built during that era.  The generous moldings, doors and trim are original.

Finger Jointed Trim

I had my doubts about finger jointed exterior trim when it became common some 20 years ago. I thought at the time that it would be troublesome. I called my millwork provider and expressed my concern. I could see the wood separating over time at the machined joints and moisture seeping in and causing the joint to fail.