Proof of proper insulation

This photo is of a house Schloegel Design Remodel recently remodeled. We converted the attic space on the left side into a bedroom with a full bathroom. Notice the snow on the roof that is still present. The right side of the roof, which covers finished space as well, is free of snow.

Debby Allmon on Insulating a Garage

Our very own, Debby Allmon, was featured in the Kansas City Star's Handyman section talking about Insulating a Garage. See what she had to say about it. Here's the reader's question:

I am interested in how to better insulate my garage so that my master bathroom and closet above the garage can be warmer.

What type of ventilation should I use for a 3-season room?


I have a 3-season room that only needs to be finished on the inside. It is built over the basement but I will not be running HVAC in it. My roof has a 2/12 pitch and I'm curious about insulating and ventilating it. I live in the Midwest so we have extreme temps.

How to insulate between rafters and keep them exposed?


We have an old house, pre-1800's. We live in MA. We have a room above our kitchen that is equivalent to an attic I guess you could say. The room currently has no heat, has two windows, and is adjacent to a finished room that is heated. No insulation between the lower kitchen or adjacent room.

Can I use Tyvack under the Styrofoam or leave the selvage?


I am preparing to reside in an older house. Built around the mid 20's it has oak planking as original sheathing. Then 15lb felt and something similar to selvage in a pattern to look like brick siding. Can I leave the selvage and go with either fan Styrofoam type 3/16 insulation before the vinyl or can I use Tyvack under the Styrofoam?

Thank you, William


I don’t know why you couldn’t use a insulation board then cover it with Tyvek.