How should I install radiant heat in a room on a slab?

Jake -

I have an un-insulated slab on grade home with high ceilings. I am installing hydronic radiant heat. I plan to lay down 2" XPS then the grid of 1/2" PEX stapled to that then pour a thin slab on that. Questions I have are: 1. Should I glue the XPS down or let it float? 2. How thick should I pour the concrete over the XPS? Thanks!



I would glue down the XPS with glue that is suitable with the materials you are using.

Kitchen addition

This is a kitchen room addition we are currently working on.  When completed, these homeowners will be enjoying a new kitchen with an expanded living area as part of the kitchen space. As a part of this project, we had to expand the electrical service and relocate it.

Helping those who help

Debby Allmon of SDR presents a check to Roxanne Hill, the Vice President of Development
for The Children's Place, an outlet for the youngest survivors of abuse, neglect and trauma.

Debby was the chairperson of this year's NARI Remodeled Homes tour. Proceeds from the tour were donated to the Children's Place.

Galley Kitchen Designs


I live in a small tudor home with a galley kitchen. I know it would be very expensive to add on (I also need new appliances) so just wanting to get some resources for ideas.

Thank you,



We have some photos of galley kitchens on our web site.

Refrigerator remodel


I am getting a new refrigerator that is larger than the space the current one is in. I would like to relocate the frig to a different area, but there is a wall vent (for heat and air conditioning) there. Can this be moved so that the air comes out under the cupboard next to the refrigerator? If so, is this difficult?

- Linda


This is not a job for the un-trained homeowner.

Remodeling the Model, Jake Schloegel featured in Kansas City Business Journal

Jake Schloegel redesigned his own business model to better serve his clients in a down economy. New products, new services help redefine his business.

Getting into hot water

While visiting a job site yesterday, I came across this repair job on a hot water flue. (Please note that we did not make this repair, it was done previous to our arrival on the job.) The repair is an old Folgers coffee can clamped around a furnace flue pipe.

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Insulating Troubles in Chicagoland


We are converting our screened-in porch (12x13 ft. on the existing 4 ft. deep concrete slab) into a 3-season room (with insulated windows, 3 ft. wall, and an insulated door.) The enclosed porch has a flat roof with deck (balcony) on top. We live in the extreme weather (heat/humid/wind/cold) of Chicagoland.

Rearranging a kitchen

When remodeling a home built late 50's, the range was located adjacent to the wall in the right corner. To avoid having to move the electrical, and there really is not any where else to relocate the electric range, are there any guidelines as to the amount of space there needs to be between the range and the wall to the right? I can put a backsplash and a side splash if needed.