Schloegel Workshop Teaches Trends with Timeless Design

It can be scary to commit to new trends in home décor and furnishings, but with the help of expert designers, your home can always look timeless and fresh. And that’s what Schloegel Design Remodel’s designers discussed at this month’s community workshop, On Trend Remodeling: Trends and Renovations for 2017.

Nearly two dozen people, each with unique questions and concerns attended the workshop and a great time was had by all.

Smart Remodeling Tips – Window Replacement 101

Now is the time to think about window replacement! Whether you're wanting something completely new or just want better insulation, Schloegel Property Solutions Manager Charlie Schloegel and Kansas City Millwork Co. have you covered. 

Before you decide what kind of window replacement you need, it helps to know how the parts of a window work together.

Debby Allmon on long-life bulbs for ceiling fans

Debby Allmon answers a Kansas City Star’s reader question about what kind of long-life bulbs to use in a ceiling fan. Read all about it.
Q. I’d like to know what kind of long-life bulbs to use in a ceiling fan. We bought dim-able compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and they did not last long.