A Review of Repurposing Your Home for Changing Lifestyles

We hosted our Smart Remodeling Workshop last week at the Schloegel Design Remodel office. Amy Boeshaar and Debby Allmon did a great job discussing Repurposing Your Home for Changing Lifestyles.
Universal Design & Remodeling
Universal Design and Remodeling is based on the idea that all residential environments and products should be easily used and accessed by all members of a household.

Can I Remove and Reuse Old Oak Hardwood Flooring?


Our old family home was struck by a tornado and is now condemned. There is over 1000sf of beautiful 60 year old oak hardwood on the floors. Can this be removed and reused? If so, what would be the best way to go about it? We would love to use this wood in our home, both to save money and to remember the old home place.