Schloegel Design Remodel Celebrates 40 years

It’s hard to believe it is 2020 and the start of a new decade. We were especially excited to ring in the new year as it marks Schloegel Design Remodel’s 40th anniversary! We will be celebrating this milestone throughout 2020 by sharing memories each Monday as well as highlight 40 past and present projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on.

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(Editor's note: Welcome to our Design Matters category. Here, you will be able to read blog posts from our expert design staff as it shares the latest design trends, tips and resources. The following is a sample of what you can look forward to seeing more of in the future.

Shawnee couple’s kitchen gets a makeover with unique storage solutions!

We are in the middle of a wonderful remodel of a Shawnee couple’s kitchen, back hallway, laundry closet and powder room. This project has been a lot of fun. We are customizing the kitchen with storage cabinetry for small appliances (mixer, toaster, blender, etc.

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We are thrilled to announce our innovative new online presence that will allow you to interact with us in brand new ways and also to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments.

Much more than just a new website or blog, our new online presence will provide easy and convenient new ways to stay informed, shop, learn and network.

A family that runs together

The Allmon Family (Debby in the Schloegel shirt in the middle, Mike, Mary and Robert) participated in the annual Amy Thompson Run on Memorial Day in Loose Park. This year, the Jake Clough Headstrong Foundation was there to properly fit and distribute bike helmets for kits – Robert Allmon is proudly showing his new one in this photo!  It was a beautiful day for a run, and luckily all of the Allmons completed the race!

A Message from Jake Schloegel

One of the best parts of my job is visiting a completed project a few months after we have finished.  The homeowners have been enjoying their newly remodeled space and are usually eager to have us take some photos of it so we can post them on our web site.

The Importance of a Well-Organized Closet

Over the years Schloegel Design Remodel has been involved in several closet makeovers.  As wardrobes expand the organization of a closet becomes critical.  One needs to look no further than this photo.

To protect the privacy of the owner of these feet, she is an office manager of a local design/remodel company, I will not mention her name.

What Are My Options for Removing Leveling Compound?


We uncovered pine flooring in our 1859 built house it was covered with carpet and ply wood which we removed to find leveling compound. Is there any way to remove the compound short of just scraping with putty knife?

- Tom


I don’t know of any other way of removing leveling compound other than with a chisel and a hammer.

Charlie Schloegel Joins Schloegel Design Remodel

Schloegel Design Remodel has hired Charlie Schloegel, son of company founder, Jake Schloegel, to head up a relatively new and growing venture within the Schloegel family of companies.

Charlie will manage the Handyman Services division (Schloegel Property Solutions), which provides professional home repairs and maintenance.