A Kitchen Remodel with Refinished Golden Oak Cabinets – Week 3

Perry Holloway is walking us through the process of refinishing golden oak cabinets in this recent remodel, designed by Kelsey Kimble. This is the third post on the project and in case you missed it here is Week 1 and Week 2. This week Perry talks about actually staining and sealing the cabinets.

A Kitchen Remodel with Refinished Golden Oak Cabinets – Week 1

Golden oak cabinets, was the number one wood and stain combo of choice when building a home in the ‘90s. Fast forward to 2019 and most everyone wants them gone whether that means replacing, updating or re-staining. A variety of questions come into play when making that decision such as, do you like your kitchen layout? What is the condition of your existing cabinets? And of course, what is your budget?
Updated Design
Our clients worked with Kelsey Kimble to create a new design for their kitchen.

Christmas in July with Schloegel’s Paint Services Team

Sure, the 90-degree temperatures and sticky humidity screams summer. But if you are thinking about a paint refresh in your home, think Christmas in July! That’s right, there is still time to transform your home for the holidays. Whether it’s painting cabinets, new exterior paint, or freshening up the wall colors in your home now is the time to start thinking about getting it done.

Creating the Perfect Match – Matching New Woodwork Stain to the Existing

So often you see before and after photos and probably don’t know all the different details that go into making that after look so good. It’s not just updating the cabinets, painting the walls or replacing the floors. It is about the details and we are going to delve into one of those details today.