What type of underlayment should we use?


We have torn up the tile in the kitchen to put down Brazilian Koa hardwoods. In the process I came to find out the previous owner nailed and mortered the hardibacker to the wood sub-floor. Can we use an 1/8 inch foam type pad under the Koa wood verses using a felt paper to compensate for the uneveness? There is about 300 square feet of removed tile with patches of morter/thinset.

How do I convert a 1/2 bathroom to 3/4 bathroom inexpensively?


I have a half bath I'd like to convert to a 3/4 cheaply but still have it add to the home's value. There is a toilet at the far end and a vanity cabinet and sink, all on the left wall as you enter the space. There is not enough room for a 36x36 shower base, nor for a 32" base, to fit in front of the toilet as it faces out, and the floor is tile so I'd rather not tear it up.

Debbie Allmon on Restoring Mexican Tile

Our own certified remodeler and vice president here at Schloegel Design Remodel, Debbie Allmon, was recently featured in the Kansas City Star, answering a reader's questions about Mexican tile. The reader's asked:
When my house was built, Mexican tile was put in the front hall, in concrete, over a subfloor.